When we stop being fearful of the cloud…

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
June 1, 2012

Article By Stuart Crawford

If you see the cloud as something great to offer your clients, you need to pay attention to ITUtility.NET.

I just stumbled upon a great white paper about how ITUtility.NET  helped an MSP in Ottawa, Canada embrace SharePoint and turn the business into a money making machine.

Read how they did it.

This gets me thinking about the entire MSP business.  What is the unique value that you bring to the market?  For some, it is a specialized solution such as SharePoint consulting For another firm it maybe something like a 90-second support guarantee.  But what is the one thing that makes you truly unique?  Does yours sound like every other IT firm out there?  Are you saying the same old thing? Do you talk about how great you are and how much people trust you and how you help businesses do more with the right technology?

Come on folks; we are all saying the same things.  How do you stand out from the crowd?

Here are some simple ways, none of them earth shattering, that you can try. If you attend an SPC International boot camp, you will hear them over and over again.

  1. Become specialized – Verticals are exceptional ways to become the cream of the crop.  Learn two or three industries and get to know them inside and out.  Every nook and cranny.  When I was an IT Professional in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, one of the target markets I specialized in was the oil and gas industry.  I learned everything I could about energy  – how oil came out of the ground; who did what;   the role of the land manager, and why drilling supervisor was an important role.  I also got to know everyone in the industry — other sales guys, technical support people at the LOB providers … EVERYONE.
  2. Get a technical specialization – There are many IT firms making a killing supporting services such as Microsoft CRM.  One of them is Canadian Microsoft CRM specialist Assistus.  Ryan and the team at Assistus know the insides and outs of CRM 2011.  Whether it is on premises or in the cloud, Ryan and his team can help with your complete Microsoft CRM solution.
  3. Geographical specialization – There are still some opportunities for those who choose a geographic focus … a few. Pick a certain market location.  With IT Matters,  My team and I focused on downtown Calgary.  We rarely went outside of the downtown core.  It helped keep our expenses low and everyone was just 5 minutes away.

I hope the above three points help you and prevent you from being scared to death of Office365 or any other competitive threat out there.  When you become the best, these things just go away.

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Author: Stuart R. Crawford