Robin Robins, Lou Ferrigno, and the Power of Consistency

By Karl_Palachuk
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May 30, 2012

Article By Karl Palachuk

One of the reasons I love Robin Robins is that she brings a huge amount of New and Different content into the SMB space. A great example came across the wire this morning.

Robin sent me a note, inviting me to view a 25 minute videco of Lou Ferrigno’s presentation at Robin’s Big Event this year. All I ever knew about Ferrigno before is that he played the Incredible Hulk and he was a body builder.

I didn’t know that he has been 80% deaf since he was a baby. I didn’t know the challenges he overcame to get where he is.

This is a short little video, but if you are in the mood for a powerful message on passion, personal power, and consistency, visit

You don’t have to opt-in and there’s nothing for sale.

Thanks to Robin for posting this. Her consistency has helped many IT consultants improve their consistency!


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