PASSPORTAL Integrates Active Directory to Ease the Lives of MSP’s

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
May 28, 2012

News from my friends at PASSPORTAL.  Colin was my service manager when I had my own MSP in Calgary, Canada.  Great guy and this is a must have solution for IT firms.  Register today especially now that AD integration is here.

Managed IT services providers (MSP) perform a wide variety of services for their clients. One of the most challenging services that MSP’s provide is managing each client’s password list. Employees come and go; and truly security conscious business leaders have their employees change their passwords regularly throughout the year. More important, if an MSP should lose a technician, whether the person quit or got fired, the MSP must change all of a client’s passwords to which that technician had access. This must be done for every client the technician supported. Depending on the size of the client’s business, such a task could take hours or even days to complete. And what if the MSP should miss one?

Beginning Jun. 4, 2012, PASSPORTAL will launch a new service that integrates Microsoft’s Active Directory with PASSPORTAL. This new offering will take away much of the pain involved with managing not only clients’ passwords but also managing technicians’ access to them. With PASSPORTAL, MSPs have one secure location in which to store their clients’ passwords. They have the means to restrict and audit which member of their IT support teams have accessed each of their clients’ passwords.

Sometimes, emergencies happen and a technician who doesn’t normally work on a particular client’s account may need access to one or more of the client’s passwords. The technician can request permission through PASSPORTAL to access the necessary passwords, and then his manager can grant the technician either temporary or permanent access.

If a technician quits or gets fired and the information is updated in the system, PASSPORTAL will automatically reset every Active Directory password to which that technician had access. This reduces the risk of client’s falling victim to a spiteful ex-technician.

With the new PASSPORTAL-Active Directory integration, MSPs can more easily maintain password accuracy for their clients. When a password or username in PASSPORTAL doesn’t match what’s listed in Active Directory for a particular user, PASSPORTAL can automatically reset the password, or simply flag the password with the discrepancy and leave any changes up to the MSP’s discretion.

PASSPORTAL stores all data on secure servers based in the United States and Canada so that client information is protected from Patriot Act concerns for data storage.

Managing clients’ passwords could soon get a whole lot easier for MSPs once the integration of PASSPORTAL with Microsoft Active Directory launches in early June 2012. It’s a pretty safe bet that MSPs eagerly anticipate its arrival.

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Author: Stuart R. Crawford