The Single Fastest, Most Effective AND Efficient Way To Sell High-Quality Decision Makers On Cloud Computing And Outsourcing Their IT Services To You

By Robin_Robins
In Cloud
May 25, 2012

Below is a candid, unscripted interview I conducted with two of my clients who sell managed IT services, cloud computing solutions and IT project work on how they used lunch and learn seminars to get in front of and close more prospects in ONE event than most MSPs close in 3-4 months. Even if you are scared to DEATH of public speaking, there is TONS of great content in here on what drove these CEOs to attend, what questions they had about cloud computing and what benefits they were looking for in moving their network and services to the cloud verses on premise networks. Of course, you can also use this SAME content and strategy for doing webinars, teleseminar or in selling cloud computing solutions. Enjoy! for audio link

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