The reason MSPs are obsessed about mobile

By vmazek
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May 24, 2012

LooksCloudy certainly spends more than the fair share of the airtime to discuss mobility and it’s impact on the MSPs and business computing. We also don’t shy away from the fact that you – actual service providers – are telling us about MDM being all hype and little play. This is not something RMM vendors like to see broadcasted because they are trying to squeeze their way into your portfolio using mobile management as the differentiator, but if you can make better profits and deliver more value on services instead of being (pardon the expression) an antivirus for their device.. well, we’re going to do all we can to give you an advantage.

Yesterday we discussed the data privacy blueprint and how you need to go about creating an audit for the data stored in the cloud.

Today we’re going to discus the report issued by Millennial Media for mobile device recommendations. Which devices are popular? Which ones are being used the most? How can you back that up and present as a proposal?

First go here and download the full report.

Second, get MSRPs for these devices as well as any discounts, incentives, etc.

Finally, communicate what you learn with your clients.

The whole “trusted advisor” notion goes out of the window with consumerization. Your clients will buy what they want, when they want and often without consulting you at all about the purchase. They are more likely to come back with a device from a show or as a gift from their vendor or be upsold at the AT&T or Verizon store.

You cannot fight that. You cannot even preempt that.

However, you can establish your expertise with technology and charge for it.

Businesses – and tons of them – pay for regional intelligence. We subscribe to all sorts of local HR, marketplace, employment and small business survey results. When dealing with the unknown, all small business decision makers want to do is avoid a mistake. And if they must make a mistake, they want to at least make the same mistake everyone else is making.

If you’ve already come to the foregone conclusion that you will not make a significant business out of troubleshooting cell phones or working at what used to be the beeper store, don’t make the same mistake Dell made. Don’t wait for Microsoft’s next savior to come out because the odds that it will put you back into the drivers seat are slim to none. Instead focus on building your expertise and deliver the advice to your client base.

If you’re sitting there wondering how to focus at the time the technology world is being dragged in tons of different directions just stop for a moment and think about how much worse it is for your clients. If you have the time and the resources to do the research people will pay for it. After all, you’re reading this for some reason!

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Author: Vlad Mazek