How to Boost your Facebook Ad Performance

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
May 24, 2012


You already hired Vertical Axion to manage your Facebook. With time, you will grow in popularity, and your ranking on Google will become quite impressive. However, if you want that extra boost in customer connectiveness, then ramping up your Facebook’s popularity can be a good thing: it’ll help you get more in tune with your potential clients. One way to gain popularity on Facebook is to run an ad campaign. Running an ad campaign is even relatively cheap because you only pay per click rather than per view; this doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t use your space wisely. So how do you use your space well when you don’t have very much to work with?

Start with the Perfect Image

Pictures sell, and Facebook ads are no different. If your ad doesn’t include an impressive picture that grabs the attention of a user, then you might as well not put up the ad at all. An image should reflect your values as a company, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. For example, you can include a picture that’s a play on your name, or maybe the image is just interesting and unique, but make sure it relates to your company.

Use Your Very Small Text Box Wisely

Wasting your text box on details that won’t matter to a potential customer is a waste of your time. Your text should be quick, snappy, and interesting. Otherwise, your readers won’t have any reason to click through and check out your Facebook page. Think about offering customers a coupon code or telling a reader what you do that can help them.

Try to Be Unique

Facebook is always teeming with new ideas and new businesses, so doing something that makes you stand out against the background will make you more successful. That doesn’t mean your ad has to be completely unique, however; it just means that you should make sure you rotate your ads. Different pictures and texts may appeal to different parts of the audience you want to attract.

Target Your Audience

What would your audience like? Try polling your current clients to see how they feel about your current content. What would they respond to if they saw it on a sidebar? You should also think about what age group you are specifically targeting – are you going after teens, or the middle-aged crowd with small kids? Are you trying to get cat lovers to buy a new deshedding tool, or are you trying to get business owners to buy your services? Even just answering these questions can help you form a targeted ad that will be both interesting and effective.

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