ah… The Good ‘Ole Days

By Frank Gurnee
In Channel
May 24, 2012
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Back in my day, we didn’t have all of these fancy things! No TurboGrafix 360’s or Super Playstations. We didn’t have blueteeth or whyflies, no megapixars or thumb doohickies, no webcameras or tax messaging.

The only fire we kindled kept us warm and the only I-anything, we owned, were I-glasses. You walked your butt into a bank, you talked to a checkout person in the store, you were always lost no matter what, and you sat in the hot car for hours, with the windows barely cracked, cause the handle was broken, and that’s just what you did!

You sneaked a peek at art books in the library if you wanted to see something riske’ and you actually watched the commercials on TV. Your TV weighed 420lbs and it was absolutely mandatory that you be kind and rewind!

When you’re mom called you she used her voice, and yelled, and you heard her even if you were 2 blocks over, at your friend’s house. Our video games were stick figures and I remember saying “these graphics are awesome”, cause they were! We went to arcades and spent money to try to get a high score, put our 3 letter initials up, and ultimately have them erased when the game got unplugged.

Phone books, cassette tapes, 25ft curly phone cords, floppy disks, green computer monitors (not the new meaning of green), typewriters, word processors, transistor radios, satellite dishes that took up your entire back yard, looking under the hood of a car and knowing what you were looking at, photo albums, bunny ears, Calgon, Monkey wards, Woolworth, Mervyns, blue chip stamps, vidal Sassoon, Jordache, I mean what’s not to be missed?