Does self-promotion really help your business?

By Stuart_Selbst
In MSP Coaching
May 22, 2012

This morning I was having a conversation with Frank Gurnee who is a very good friend of mine and happens to be in the same industry. Frank recently launched a new website called ChannelMSP. If you haven’t heard about Channel MSP, it is an interactive meeting place where vendors and MSP’s can meet on common ground to discuss products, solutions, ideas, events, and so much more.

During my conversation with Frank, we talked about self-promotion through blogging. I had to laugh a bit because I often see people using their blog for self-promotion vs. getting a message to their audience. Personally, I truly enjoy writing blogs. When I write a post I want it to be relevant to my reader and their business. To give it the most meaning, I try to make it about a real life experience and how that experience has helped me or someone I know.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with self-promotion.

Everyone loves to talk about themselves and in business it can be very valuable to do so. As an MSP Coach, I have people hire me for my services because of my experience, industry knowledge and connections. One of my clients said to me on a recent visit to their facility, “Stu we work with you for a number of reasons. But, the biggest benefit you bring to our firm is your working knowledge of building businesses and having amazing relationships with the MSP Vendor community.” This is my way of using my blog for not only self-promotion, but also to inform you, my reader, about the benefits of working with me.

You notice in this blog that I have also promoted my friend Frank and his new venture as well as our community in general. While I encourage you to promote yourself and your business in your blog, try to make it not so blatant. Do you know who should actually be promoting you? It’s your clients and customers who should be promoting you and your business to the people they know. That is the best way for your reputation to get you moving forward, upward and building stronger relationships.

There is nothing wrong with self-promotion. But, there are more appropriate forums as well as times and a places for doing so.

All the best in success,


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Author: Stuart Selbst