Google Chrome is now bigger than Internet Explorer

By vmazek
In Cloud
May 21, 2012

In the news that will not surprise any techies, Internet Explorer has finally been dethroned as the king of web browsers. For the first time since taking out Netscape, Microsoft will be in the #2 spot despite Redmond’s marketing trying to promote it.

I know I’m not the only one that found the advertisements weird – at the recent Kaseya conference I sat down and discussed the browser marketing with several successful Microsoft partners and we were all quite confused why Microsoft would spend money trying to promote a web browser as opposed to it’s many business and office tools. I guess now we have our answer.


Truth is, most office and technology employees will use Internet Explorer and another browser. If your business is built on Microsoft technology you have no other choice: Web sites will only function correctly if you use Internet Explorer. The bad news doesn’t stop there: So many sites out there are only compatible with IE7 or IE8 and if you’ve been automatically updated to IE9 you are out of luck.

This is the horror that the web designers and web developers have been living with for years. You have to design specifically for IE because it renders stuff differently than Chrome or Firefox. Then you have to design differently between different versions of IE. Truth is that most just don’t bother.

This is a huge problem for Microsoft that suddenly finds itself as both an unpopular choice for the consumers and a platform that has been burning developers for years. Share figures aside, this is the exact same scenario Microsoft has with mobility. With less and less popularity, what will Microsoft do when the same pattern continues to the Office and business world?

Many small business consultants, MSPs and technology companies that got started over the past two decades are not happy with Microsoft right now but competitively do not have much of an option. But how wise is it for Microsoft to continue to antagonize them and ask for help with Mobile and cloud at the same time.. only time will tell.

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Author: Vlad Mazek