VerityThree, President recruited into larger IT Solutions peer group of top professionals

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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May 18, 2012

For more than a decade IT professionals have been coming together quarterly during HTG Peer Groups to exchange knowledge and experiences that help provide better services for their clients and run their own businesses more effectively.

VerityThree president Jonathan Smith has been participating in HTG Peer Groups since the summer of 2009.  Smith was recruited last quarter to join one of the top peer alliances in attendance, a group that embraced IT executives with revenue and culture similar to what he has created at VerityThree.

Smith explained he approached the new group with anticipation and expectation. A strong supporter of strategic change, he considers his HTG peer group as his “board of advisors,” and in Smith’s opinion, a board of advisors should remain dynamic and fresh.

“After participating in my other peer group for three years, it was time for the next opportunity for change,” said Smith. “My latest peers were not influenced by past history and brought new perspectives in about the business.”

Attending HTG Peer Groups has played such a positive influence in his role at VerityThree that he has decided to integrate his chief technical officer (CTO) Erik Gustafson and executive vice-president Aaron Scicluna into the relationship. Besides spending time with peers and vendors, attendees also have an opportunity to engage with strategic partners. Where Smith may be more inclined to focus on building the business of VerityThree, Gustafson and Scicluna will focus on technology and operations.  Including the executive leadership team will help VerityThree enhance a unified vision.


VerityThree, Inc. (VTI) is a leading provider of technology solutions for community banks, engineering firms and innovative businesses. We build IT strategies for our customers by understanding the long-term vision and goals of an organization and delivering customized consulting and technology management services. With more than 12 years of business experience, VerityThree’s high performing culture of excellence uses strategic partnerships, continuing education and industry-leading best practices to convey our commitment to long-term customer relationships and mutual success. VerityThree has committed annually to the examination and reporting of controls in a service organization under the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16.

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