The 3 Reasons MSPs aren’t making Money.

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In Marketing
May 16, 2012
  • Most MSPs are not profiting like they expected.
  • Are you one of the many VARs whose expectations of Managed Services has fallen short?

Deegan Pope, CEO of Cornerstone Backup and an Alberta based MSP, will be presenting a free webinar entitled, “The 3 Reasons MSPs aren’t making Money.”

Backup Solutions for MSPs

Deegan has built a multi-million dollar VAR and MSP over the past 14 years. This presentation is designed to help bolster your MSPs growth through specific practices that are tried and proven. The Webinar is primarily vendor agnostic and applies to all MSPs and any product mix; though at the end, we will spend a few minutes to introduce you to Cornerstone’s Rapid Server Restore.

Join Cornerstone Backup on Thursday, May 17th to spend some valuable time working on your business, not at your business.

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9am EST –
1pm EST –

Learn more about Cornerstone backup by visiting their website at

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