Should your company jump on the Pinterest Bandwagon?

By Anthony_Fernandez
In Marketing
May 16, 2012

Most companies are struggling to keep up with the evolution of marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads and now you can add Pinterest.

For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a the hugely popular website that lets people share photos and images on a virtual pin board.

The concerns have wavered that Pinterest infringes on copyright violations, but for businesses looking to get their brand andname out there, this is a great platform to do so.

Facebook has proven that consumers as well as everyday joe’s are intrigued and stimulated by visuals. The most followed Facebook Pages are those that have frequent post with pictures along with text that either challenges /educates the reader or simply just stimulates the reader.

Lets face it, online shopping is at its highest point and pinterest has the ability to turn your business into an online QVC. The item can swirl, be reposted, be clicked and possibly purchased.

The best part of it all?!

Pinterest is Free to use and will probably cost your company about 15-20 minutes of time.

Not to mention, with its growing popularity, you could possibly reach out to a market that you never were able to.

Do not get me wrong, you’re not going to see millions in business from 1 or 2 post on pinterest, but what I have seen is a great deal of SEO results from properly setting up your boards.

For example, check out my board on Pinterest.

My Sports World Pinterest Board

This has definitely assisted the traffic for my Sports News Site: Insider Sports

but truthfully the main focus is the marketing of the website or a businesses case their product/service.

Marketing is key as businesses struggle to stay competitive and enlighten consumerswhat product is best for their business.

In the MSP/IT Market..

this is critical as companies are popping up everywhere offering your same service.

Now is the time to capitalize on the growing social media outlets that can attract customers to your services.

All those pictures you have stored on your phone of the servers you configured or the desktops you setup, put those on pinterest pointing back to your site.

Drive traffic and attention to what you can do for your potential or existing client base.

With that being said, take the 20-30 minutes it takes to set up a Pinterest for your company and add boards that will enlighten the public of your product.

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