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By Stuart_R_Crawford
In Marketing
May 16, 2012

Calgary Microsoft CRMMarketing is your lifeline to success.  Without effective marketing, you may just have the best product that no one knows about.  Marketing, when done with purpose and proper accountability, will produce the desired outcomes and results.  But, it starts with the proper foundation.  Assistus Corporation and Microsoft CRM 2011 will provide the necessary tools to effectively market a business.

When it comes to marketing, successful business owners understand that when done correctly, marketing creates a steady stream of opportunities.  When done poorly, it creates a steady stream of expenses. Best-of-class organizations regularly invest approximately 10% of their revenues back into marketing each year. They are proof of the effectiveness of great marketing.

That’s why the Calgary Microsoft CRM specialists at Assistus Corporation have scheduled a webinar to teach business leaders how to grow their businesses through effective marketing. On Thursday, May 17, 2012, at 10 am Mountain Time, Assistus will spend one hour teaching attendees how to transform their marketing strategies with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Assistus Corporation specializes in helping businesses by providing them with the tools  they need to market effectively.

Assistus provides businesses with CRM marketing solutions that are flexible, easy to use and customized.  Assistus can help any business leader transform every touch point into an opportunity and harness undiscovered potentialin every prospect.

Join Assistus on Thursday, May 17 at 10 AM Mountain Time and learn how to transform your marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

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Assistus Corporation offers a full-service approach to ensure that clients’ core business problems are addressed before the organization can tackle any technical issues. The approach starts with a thorough business analysis and a design process that incorporates customers’ input.

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