Why is it important to be in a partnership with your vendors?

By Dawn_Wilson
May 15, 2012

MSP to MSP Series

When you land a new client, don’t you call your vendors?  When you are pitching a potential client, you discuss all the services you offer.  Guess who helps you provide those, your vendors.  Your vendors are essential to your day-to-day operations.

Clients are relying on you to provide the services you promised to them. They expect you, as an MSP, to provide quality services with the least amount of downtime and interruption to their day-to-day business operations. They want to live in the perfect utopia where they don’t have any problems and have to call you minimally. So what happens when they encounter a problem?  Do you blame it on your vendor or do you take the blame?  Where does that leave the client when you are arguing over whose fault it is when there is a problem?  A lot of MSP’s haven’t offered their clients Vendor Management.  This is a huge selling point for our clients.  They don’t want to spend the time to deal with telecom providers, equipment carriers, software vendors, etc.  This is why having a partnership is imperative with your vendors.  MSP’s have SLA’s they adhere to within their service agreements.

Your vendors need to know that you value them as much as you do your clients.  Any time I have any questions or problems, I can always reach out to our vendors and they respond very quickly.  Never point fingers when there is a problem because you CHOSE these vendors to help you run your business.  If we are partners, our ultimate goal is the least amount of impact on our client as possible.  Most vendors that you have partnered with don’t want to lose you as their customer either.  Remember, do not select your vendors just because they have the best tradeshow paraphernalia or because they say they provide the best product.  When selecting vendors, start with learning the mutual benefits and how they communicate with you. Be sure you haven’t overcommitted yourself to a quota of sorts.   Vendor partnerships can yield your company substantial returns on your investment.

About the Author

Dawn Wilson and Erick Wilson Own TecWorks a Florida based MSP with a specialty in healthcare. They’ve been in business since 2006, and have seen their MSP grow from just a small mom and pop shop, to a multi-location, multi-employee organization. Dawn is currently the VP of Sales and Marketing, and has over 17 years experience in the health industry. Dawn is also a registered nurse (RN), and has close ties in the healthcare space, which gives her an advantage in this vertical.