Calgary Environmental Company Trusts CTECH To Ensure All Systems Go

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May 12, 2012
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Protecting the environment and ensuring that all environmental regulations are met is crucial in the Western Canadian Oil and Gas market.  When the leaders of a local Calgary environmental company needed reliable IT solutions to support their business, they turned to CTECH.

CTECH knows that what Calgary businesses need is reliable IT support that provides around-the-clock continuous monitoring of critical systems and services. Combine this proactive approach to serving clients with CTECH’s 90-second support guarantee and you get an IT support team that you can trust to be there when needed.

The Calgary environmental company’s needs were not that uncommon. It needed a stable and reliable network solution to serve as the cornerstone for the services it provided for the Calgary Oil & Gas market. Access to client information anytime, anywhere and from any device was, for this firm, essential.

Proposals must be completed in a timely fashion and in the high-paced Calgary energy market, this requires access to business information all the time. Downtime and technology failures are not acceptable, but budgets need to be adhered to. CTECH was able to step up to the plate and design a reliable solution that remained within the client’s budget.

First, CTECH established the viability of the Calgary environmental company’s core network foundation. Specializing in working with Dell servers and Microsoft Windows technologies, CTECH provided the perfect combination of Dell and Microsoft solutions for its Calgary business client. DELL’s 4-Hour 24/7 warranty coverage combined with CTECH’s 90-second help desk guarantee ensure that the Calgary environmental company has access to support day or night. And the client only has to remember one phone number to call in case of emergency.

After establishing the foundation, CTECH went to work setting up secure remote access. Security and keeping confidential information safe is a top priority for this Calgary environmental firm. Staff members can work from anywhere at any time of the day. Combine this with the CTECH 24/7 help desk and the client has access to company information whenever it’s needed.

CTECH ensures that IT is aligned with the needs of the business. Through its core pillars of BUILD IT, SUPPORT IT, GROW IT and SECURE IT, CTECH ensures that Calgary businesses have their technology needs met without having to pay a lot of money.

Call CTECH today to book a no-obligation review of your Calgary business’ technologies.

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