Driving Big Traffic to Your Website via Pinterest

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
May 8, 2012


Pinterest may  seem like it’s a website only meant for artists to express their talent or for the circulation of cute pictures, but its recent explosion has made it a powerful tool in the marketing world. You can hardly click on a couple of links without spotting a graphic that advertises for a Tumblr or a company. Usually, these pictures have inspiring quotes or are interesting to just about anyone, and they have hundreds – if not thousands – of “repins,” which means a ton of people are sharing the image all over their Pinterests and the web, too.

However, you can’t just pin any content to Pinterest and expect it to take off. Finding what is going to bring you the most traffic can be an intricate job, but it’s worth every moment of effort.

Believe it or not, Pinterest is less a unique and revolutionary idea and more like any other social media site. Knowing this will help you understand how to use it. However, even if a picture you pin to your Pinterest board goes viral, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll drive traffic to your site.  So how can you draw some attention to your services?

Find a Unique Idea and Run with It

Posting old memes can be fun, but to drive people to your business, you need to create something new instead of just repinning other user content. The possibilities are just about endless, but make sure your idea is something you haven’t ever seen on the site before. It doesn’t really matter what your idea is – Pinterest is so diverse that you can likely make it work. Remember to keep it simple and keep your walls of text to a minimum.

A good starting point for idea creation is thinking about making some sort of graphic that tells a story that would be interesting to the kind of audience you want to drive to your website. For example, if you’re targeting mothers with young children, teaching them how to do something beneficial for their kids can draw interest. A good example that’s currently on Pinterest is a do-it-yourself Lego wall. The graphic shows you how to build one so a child can then stick Legos to a wall (and making the wall only takes about 15 minutes). The graphic has received well over 120,000 repins, and the website that created the instructional manual received just about that many hits for the week.

Design an Attractive Graphic

Your design doesn’t have to be original, but if you’re making a series of graphics, make sure you stay consistent. Make sure that even if a person has never done the task you are explaining that they can understand your instructions. The number one thing you need to remember is that the URL you want people to visit MUST be included on the graphic. Pinterest cares very little about the original source of the graphic which means you have to make your URL blatantly obvious (yet attractive) directly on your picture. Most pinners prefer it at the bottom.

Size also matters in the pinning world. You want your graphic to shrink down well, but you want to also force a Pinterest user to make your image larger so they have to click through to your page to see the entire graphic. Anything above 2,500 pixels requires a click.

 Time your Pin and Submit

Timing isn’t everything on Pinterest, but uploading your new graphic at the right time of day can help something go viral. People are usually on Pinterest first thing in the morning – think around 6-10 AM EST. Most people wander over to Pinterest when they wake up to check it out the new trending posts. As soon as you have your time all arranged, Pinterest makes it incredibly easy to “click and share.”

This may all seem like a lot of effort for a website known for frivolous content, but a well-timed and helpful post on Pinterest can drive hundreds of thousands of people to your website – which is even more than Facebook or Twitter.