Windows Phone Developer Summit

By vmazek
In Cloud
May 3, 2012








Microsoft has started sending out invitations for its Windows Phone Developer Summit, which will be held in June. The topics they plan on covering have not been announced. However, folks are buzzing about the possibility of discussing Windows 8 during the event.  Back in February some of the features of the OS leaked some of the things that stood out to me were the ability to support app-to-app communications. As you all saw from my review of the LUMIA 900, the one aspect that really left the product lacking were the apps.

It’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft brings to the table to sweeten the pot for developers (besides allowing them to continue to code in XNA) in an attempt to strengthen that portion of the device. Since WP 8 will be using windows core elements for its kernel and network, it should make it easier for MSPs that jump into the mobility support business, as it should provide a more familiar troubleshooting platform than the iOS and Android devices.

While the Windows Phone does bring plenty of features that can entice the Enterprise crowd (enhanced and built-in security and encryption), we will have to keep an eye out on what they do in order to narrow the widest gap between them and current leaders in the mobility business. If WP does turn out to be a major player in the mobile market, at least it runs on ActiveSync as well and won’t give yet another software platform to master to interconnect your clients communications.