ASCII: The Value in Community

By Trevor_DiGirolamo
In Organizations
May 3, 2012

Every solution provider wants to be the “trusted technology advisor” for their clients and meet every technology need. There are challenges to achieving that role, however: What do you do when the client asks you about the best vendor for an area that is outside your realm of expertise? What if you’re not authorized for the product your client needs? What do you do when your client needs an answer quickly but you need to do some research?

One of the biggest traps any solution provider can fall into is to think they can be an expert in every subject. You need to join peer communities where you can trade ideas, solve issues for each other, and partner together where necessary so you can truly be the trusted technology advisor for your clients.

At The ASCII Group, for example, we harness the power of our solution provider community to give our members the tools to tap into the collective brainpower of solution providers from across the country.

We have a list serv where over 600 solution providers trade dozens of messages each day. These business owners help share experiences on which vendors have the best products; create partnerships with each other when a member can’t get a product or has a job in another town; solve business issues for each other; and solve technical problems for each other.

We have regional Success Summits where members network with each other and create both friendships and future partnerships.

The ASCII Group has over 70 programs in place to help our members increase revenue, lower their operating costs, and grow service opportunities. The ASCII community was by solution providers for solution providers!

So don’t feel like you need to go it alone and become an expert on everything. Become part of a peer community and you will experience what happens when everyone pulls together for the common good.

Contact Trevor DiGirolamo at The ASCII Group to learn more about our community today or go to WWW.ASCII.COM 1-800-394-2724